Topic outline

  • The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church 

    Sunday School

    Course Name: History of Religions

    Course Code: CHIS123

    Course Description

    The Course is designed to enable you understand the History and Development of Abrahamic Religions in general and Christianity in particular; and thereby to realize the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is the oldest form of Christianity directly descended from the Old Testament through the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Disciples to the present time without corruption across the centuries.

      Course Objective

      After successfully completing the course, you will be able understand the general history and development Christianity from the Old Testament through the time of Jesus, the councils of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus, until the great schism, the beginning of Islam, Protestantism, Adventist-ism, Jehovah witness and Mormonism .

        Evaluation Mechanism

        In order measure your mastery level of the course, you will be evaluated in two ways. First, you will be given Assignment at the end of every topic or subtopic of the course which may request you to watch a related video or complete a project. In addition, you will be given a separate final test at the end of every course. While the Assignment covers 50% of the total point, your Final Examination will take 50%. In order to pass the Course, you must achieve at least 80% of the total score.

        Duration of the Course

        The Course is organized in a weekly format. Each course is allocated one week time. However, the actual lesson takes only 30-50 minutes to complete. After the course, you can retake the course several times before you complete your final examination which usually take between 10-20 minutes. You are free to complete the course at any day and time of the week. However, it is recommended if you can complete the independent course work before our live Forum where you can ask questions freely. 

        Live Zoom Session (Forum)

        The course is designed to help you learn independently according to your speed and availability. However, occasionally we may have a one-hour live video conferencing session (Forum) to answer your questions. It is highly recommended if you can attend this Forum session if scheduled and posted on your portal. The Exact time and web conferencing link will be posted in the Announcement section at the top of your Course page.

        Reading Materials

        You are required to read the Holy Bible whenever it is cited in the lesson. If you cannot get the Orthodox Study Bible, you can Read the King James Version.

        Lesson Video Link

        The following embedded video is a link to your course lesson. Watch the video lesson until the end for it entirely covers your course. Take a note while you watch the video for it helps you to remember basic concepts and achieve the required marks at your final examination.